Why Won’t My Appointments Show

Article by Jonathan Dawson in Automotive Marketing, a Facebook Group, on November 8, 2015 at 1:15PM

I get asked this a lot by salespeople, or BDC team members and the good news is I have some answers that will immediately make sense to you and they work because they are based in psychology – so they work on people!

So if you want more of your appointments to show up, READ ON!

But first, what this post is NOT about:

In this post I’m NOT going to focus on 1/4 hour appointment locking, by using :15 or :45 and why that is a sales myth.

I’m also NOT going to talk about the proper 5 step sequence to follow up after setting the appointment using VM, email, text, video, images, management.

This post is also NOT on what exact language to use and why you should never actually “confirm” an appointment anyway.

I’m NOT going to share with you NLP language you can use to confirm the their decision before you end the call even though that’s under utilized by 99% of salespeople.

I’m finally I’m NOT even going to talk about the use of either/or alternatives when setting the appointment by offering them choices.


To be clear, although many of those are great strategies and in my classes and seminars I do teach the proper techniques to use… They are NOT why people keep their appointments.


In my opinion, there are only 4 main reasons WHY a person keeps their appointment. And more important than knowing what to do or how to do it, is WHY something works!

Any 1 reason is enough for someone to keep an appointment, but stacking all 4 virtually guarantees the appointment will show.

And so let’s go beyond a technique and get into the heart and mind of the client with some Sellchology!

The 4 reasons a person keeps their appointment are:

1) HFG – Hope For Gain
2) FOL – Fear Of Loss
3) O&R – Obligation & Reciprocity
4) L&F – Liking & Familiarity

1) Hope for gain is a selfish motive driven by their desire to get something THEY want: a problem solved, a reward, an improved situation, etc.

2) Fear of loss is also a selfishly motivated reason to show because they don’t want lose or miss out: miss out on an incentive, on a vehicle, on an opportunity, etc.

3) Obligation and reciprocity is “other people focused” because it’s responding to a sense of gratitude because of the value they feel you’ve given them. They feel they “owe it to you” to show up because of how you treated them. This desire to reciprocate (give back) obligated them to show up.

4) Liking and familiarity is driven by a relationship motivation. If they like you, you like them, and you seem familiar to them or they feel that they would get along great with you then they will come in because “they want to meet you”. People naturally look for areas of liking or familiarity when they meet someone for the first time. Because we feel more comfortable talking to people who are “like us” or people we think will “like” us.

Anyone one of these done well will bring a client in.

Start combining them and you will become DANGEROUS on the phone!

So on your next call, why not have a sheet of paper by your phone that reads:

1) HFG – Hope For Gain
2) FOL – Fear Of Loss
3) O&R – Obligation & Reciprocity
4) L&F – Liking & Familiarity

And focus on stacking all 4 and see how many more people keep their appointment!


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