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PPC and/or Inventory Marketing to Website Optimization for Conversions to Sales

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Dear Reader,

First we’d like to thank you for reading this free white paper. What you will learn here is the exact model we use to:

  • Optimize websites [for any traffic source including Pay Per Click (PPC), Inventory Syndication, Video Marketing, or Social Media Campaigns, etc.],

  • Increase appointments,

  • Increase Sales, and

  • Increase ROI

for all of our clients.

Nothing here is theory. You’ll soon learn that everything we do is used by the biggest and best companies in the world.

Inventory Marketing (aka: Inventory Syndication):

First, before we get into website optimization, I want you to know that I recognize that inventory marketing is probably the #1 thing that produces sales. That is why dealers are in many of the inventory sites like AutoTrader, Cars.com, CarGuru, and others.

Tip: We work with a dealer in rural Georgia (Southern Pointe Auto is about 35 miles East of Atlanta) to test solutions in order to find out what works. Over the last couple of years we have been testing Craigslist posting (we do it with automation using our Automotive Syndication). And since they changed their terms, it has been working better than ever – AutoTrader like results. We are seeing 1.1 – 1.4 leads per month for each vehicle listed. Better than that we are seeing 25-40% of sales through this channel. This surpasses lot location and walk-ins.

What you will discover below is how we are able to extend the value of Inventory Marketing, PPC, and other Marketing efforts.

Website Optimization:

There’s a reason why some websites perform better than others.

And it’s because they do exactly what you are about to learn.

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We also offer some of our services for free with no strings attached. We feel it’s extremely important that we have the opportunity to prove ourselves and show you results before we ask you to work with us on any level.

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The C.R.A.V.E. Formula

We have developed a 5 step process that will aid not only your adwords campaigns’ success with bringing you revenue and optimizing your PPC, but also any marketing that brings customers to your site. This white paper can help you double your ad leads without doubling your budget. So, here’s how.

C.R.A.V.E FormulaThe C.R.A.V.E formula is a system of evaluating ads and website to see if it is meeting criteria that will grow your business. If you follow this formula, your chances of success are as close to guaranteed as they can be.

C.R.A.V.E stands for capture, relevance, attention, visual, and engage. We will now go through each section one by one and talk about how it can apply to your ad campaigns and your website.


This is chronologically the last step but it’s also the most important so we put it first. Many businesses drive traffic without any way of capturing the leads they’re paying for. The ultimate goal of every marketing campaign and business website should be to capture leads. Everything we’re going to talk about in this white paper is to help you maximize the leads your ads and website captures. So while traffic is great, if you aren’t getting any leads from it, it doesn’t do you any good and you’re wasting a ton of money on PPC and other marketing.

Lots of big marketing companies will tell you that you need to spend more on traffic when, honestly, you need more leads from your current marketing spend to grow your business. So it’s important to not think in terms of traffic and start thinking in terms of “leads captured”. To grow your leads you can either grow your your traffic, which can be costly; OR, you can increase conversions from the traffic you already get which is much easier, less costly, and more profitable.

You probably already know that on average 41-55% of all website visitors leave a website right away. That means about half of your visitors are leaving as soon as they arrive. This is called a bounce rate. A good healthy bounce rate for a website is anywhere from 26-40%. With PPC, a higher bounce rate not only means you’re missing out on clients, it also means you’re paying more than your competitors for each click. In order to lower the bounce rate, and be more profitable, you need engagement. This is one of the most overlooked elements in the C.R.A.V.E. formula and we will cover how to increase your engagement with your visitors a little later in this paper. It is important to remember having a low bounce rate helps capture leads but it isn’t the only factor. First, we need to talk about Relevance.


If you go on google and look up hammers, you don’t want to be given search results for nails, tool boxes, drills etc. correct? Neither does anyone else! You need your ads and/or inventory marketing and website to be relevant to each other AND match up with what people are searching for when they click on your ad or click for more information about a vehicle. Relevance between the ad or vehicle listing, search terms you’re targeting, and the page your prospects are sent to is key to a successful campaign and keeping your costs down. If the relevance of any one of these don’t match, you’re losing money. Most of the time, your PPC Manager is making sure this happens. If they are, give them a raise, because it’s a lot of work to keep up with.Relevance


Remember, bounce rates is one of the biggest factors in how much most people are paying (or over-paying) in Adwords and other marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website. So you want someone to stay on your page as long as possible – keep their attention. One of the more difficult things to do to diminish bounce rates is to grab and keep the attention of the viewer. The best way to do this is by getting into the mind of your prospects, knowing what is relevant to them, and making sure the content on your website doesn’t leave them wondering what your page is about. Remember, you want to grab your prospects attention in a tasteful way, using the tactics below. What you don’t want to do is capture the attention of the viewer in any negative or offensive way such as using sexual innuendos or inappropriate photographs. Negative ways of grabbing attention put your company in a negative light and decrease sales.

Tactics to use:

  • Good and relevant content. In automotive, that is your inventory.

  • Content that correlates to what they searched for

  • Content that addresses their concerns

  • Content that answers their questions

  • Good visuals that relate to the content and what they are searching for.

Inventory Marketing:

From an inventory marketing perspective: Sure, you want to get prospects to fill out the form or give you a call; but that may be too much to expect at the moment. But because most inventory syndication sites like AutoTrader don’t allow links and other media can drive up the cost, it’s a good idea to seek other alternatives for engagement – such as:

  • encourage prospects to go to your website for additional information about the vehicle that they are interested in.

  • use SMS keyword campaigns that take prospects directly to the vehicle detail page for more information. This accomplishes several things that are beneficial for the dealership:

    • It gives permission for your staff to communicate with them via SMS.

    • It takes them to your site where you can keep their attention with images, video, and with live web chat to answer their questions; along with additional SMS texting calls to action.

This brings us to our next topic.


Don’t get too caught up on Visuals. Visuals are meant to illustrate or accompany something. They are there to help aid you in telling your product’s story. VisualsYou don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with visuals, but you do want to make sure that your website is appealing and NOT boring. The main goal of all visuals is to turn your website traffic into paying customers. Visuals tie the whole website together in a way that makes sense to the viewer and your idea, so make sure you take special care and choose your visuals carefully.

Things to strive for

  • Have a good clean looking website

  • Make sure the images are relevant

  • Have clear directions

  • Put some testimonials or reviews on there

  • Add proper “alt” text to your images

  • Video engagement:

    • 84% of car shoppers watch a video of the car before buying

    • 49% took action immediately after watching the video

    • Search engines place video highly in their results pages.

  • Having an easy to navigate menu (DO NOT have a website that opens new pages for each link).

  • Use proper text tags (These are used to format the appearance of the text on your web page).

When planning visuals don’t forget that emphasized text is also a visual element. Make sure the most important information sticks out as bold, italics, h1, or underlined. That way search engines and your visitors know what the most relevant content is.

Engagement! … This is important

Engagement SignAfter all is said and done, engagement is the most crucial part of getting more leads from your Website!


Because when you engage the customers that come to your website they are more likely to stay on the website. And customers that spend more time on your website, are more likely to do business with you.

So how is this done?

There are a couple ways to engage with your online visitors:


Video content is a great way to communicate to your web traffic. The videos may be about the product, give clear direction about the website and what you offer, or they can even just be used to update everyone about the mind behind the products. Don’t autoplay a video. Most internet visitors find auto-play videos to be extremely annoying. Otherwise, video is a great way to engage your visitors and get them to stay on your site longer. And a great way to turn them into a lead that wants to do business with you. The only negative aspect of videos is that the communication is only one way. The viewer can’t respond back.


Live WebChat & TextChat

There are two ways to chat with visitors: 1: Live WebChat and 2) TextChat. People that use Live WebChat are higher in the funnel, checking things out, becoming familiar with you and with your inventory. On the other hand, people that TextChat with their cell phone are people further down the funnel, closer to the buying decision.

Live WebChat:

Chat BubblesLive WebChat provides a quick and easy way to connect with those coming to your website. It allows one on one interaction without them having to leave the comfort of their home. Some visitors may even prefer to speak over the phone or text, in which case you can easily provide that information to them quickly and effectively. However, studies show that 56% of visitors prefer chat. Plus chat ranks high in customer satisfaction.

Live WebChat is the best way to engage your online traffic, decrease your bounce rate, and build relationships with those coming to your site. Online live chat has been tested by many and it is proven to work. It helps direct customers to the right departments and gives them correct contact information to assist with the customers needs. The best part about chat is that it is more likely to achieve the goal of making your website successful in bringing you revenue.

We have two Live Web Chat offerings – one more powerful than the other.

The first one is Live Web Chat as a Service that we provide to you. This service is more powerful, but it does not tie in with TextChat below. With this service we use a far more advanced and complicated WebChat solution with more bells and whistles. With this service we are able to initiate a live web chat with your visitors. This is what makes it so powerful.

The second live web chat solution, which I simply call Live WebChat, is a solution that requires the website visitor (not the agent) to initiate the chat. This particular web chat solution is meant to work with TextChat which you will find below. The same operators/agents work both. Agent chat initiation is a feature now in development for this solution and will be ready soon.

Sales TextChat:

(also: Service TextChat)

SvcTC-PhoneDemo1-2Sales TextChat provides a way for people to chat with you when they are off of your website. They are normally buyers, people who are further down the sales funnel and closer to making a buying decision. But they have a few questions before they take the next step which is to call or stop by your dealership for a test drive.

Because people that TextChat are further down the funnel and closer to a buying decision, it can be used in different ways. You could have your sales team receive the chats and work the leads with the goal , a different mindset, to sell the appointment; or, you could send the TextChats to your Internet Department/BDC to work the leads. It is our experience that people in the Internet Dept./BDC are more familiar with the mindset necessary to sell the appointments. But if a sales consultant can find that helpful mindset, Sales TextChat allows him/her to begin to develop that trusting relation that is necessary to sell cars.

Sales TextChat brings your dealership within FCC compliance for texting with your customers. It allows your customers to communicate with you from third party inventory sites like AutoTrader and Cars.com, or social sites like Facebook. It also protects expensive leads for the dealership rather than be swept away by an arrant sales person who is changing dealerships. TextChat is truly an innovative and one of a kind solution that is very attractive to those 92% of smartphone owners who text (PewResearchCenter Report dated August 15, 2011). To see what it’s all about go to this Sales TextChat page now.

. . .

We can help you with this. In fact, on the next page, I’m going to share how you can get Live WebChat as a Service with very little upfront cost; as well as Sales TextChat as a bonus absolutely FREE.

I hope you’ve found this white paper helpful. We at CarSalesSpecialist.com are independent automotive marketers and strategists who work closely with other professional marketers in several masterminds to develop and test solutions that help dealerships, large and small, become more profitable with their current ad spend, bring more targeted leads onto the lot, grow their ROI, and in the end help dealers sell more vehicles and make more money for everyone across the board. We’ve helped hundreds of companies, just like you, use these exact elements so we know they work when implemented.

Over the next SEVEN days, We have Three great offers to choose from:

  1. Sales TextChat 1 month FREE Trial with Keyword CTAs

  • Here is how it goes: We see many dealers using TextChat widgets on their website very profitably; and that is good; BUT, they are not using TextChat to its fullest potential.

    • They don’t use the 3rd party site link feature with images or text.

    • And they don’t use Keyword CTAs (Call To Actions) on 3rd party sites that don’t allow links such as your powerful inventory syndication sites – AutoTrader, Cars.com, or CarGurus.

  • You get an Agent Dashboard on my demo dealer setup.

  • Mobile Dashboard.

  • I will also give you 5 Keywords to use to segregate your leads – that could be for each agent or for lead source, etc. however you want to segregate it.

  • You can place them on various 3rd party sites in the form of text or, more likely, images.

  • You can use Keyword CTAs in TV, Radio, and any number of Print ads.

  • Fully Compliant with FCC TCPA Rules and Regulations

  • For a small fee I will take your existing images and add the Keyword CTAs. You will need to replace these new amended images with the ones on the site – ex: AutoTrader has an image slider in the header; with Cars.com you may need to add Keyword CTAs to vehicle images.

  1. Sales TextChat – 1 month (30 day) Full Trial – 159.00:

  • The small fee takes care of setup and licensing fees at the absolute minimum I can offer.

  • No future commitment – if it is not working to your satisfaction, no harm no fowl – just turn it off.

  • Sell some cars, Make some money, then decide whether to extend Sales TextChat at an extremely low monthly price of $247.00/mo.

  • You get all that TextChat has to offer including:

    • Dealer Dashboard

    • Unlimited Agent Dashboards

    • Mobile Dashboards

    • Website Widgets for:

      • Header and Footer

      • VLPs and VDPs

      • Floating Sidebar and bottom bar

      • Your choice of Widget images

    • 3rd Party Image Link Widgets for sites that permit links.

    • Third Party Keyword CTAs for sites that do not permit links.

    • When people text in for additional information about a car you can use the automated text reply to send a URL that will direct them to your site where you can engage further with them via video or Live Web Chat.

    • 5 Keywords for use in CTAs

    • Unlimited Agent Dashboards – Mobile Ready.

    • Unlimited PC EXE notifiers for use by your agents on their own PCs.

    • Hot Lead Text Turnover to a Closer – You agent on duty can transfer a hot lead to a closer or manager.

    • Agent Scheduling for your Dealer Dashboard.

    • A Live Web Chat component that integrates with Sales TextChat – Use the same agent to manage both Sales TextChat and Live WebChat.

    • Use the Reputation Component to help get valuable Google reviews.

    • Use the Staff Notifier system to keep in touch with your Staff.

    • Fully Compliant with FCC TCPA Rules and Regulations

    • The only thing we are holding back on is transferring the SMS side of your landline to TextChat for use in the system. This will be available if or when you decide to extend service after the trial period – which we are confident you will do.

  1. Live WebChat as a Service with FREE setup – $297.00

    (Setup has a value of $500.00 itself | Live WebChat has a value without the service of around $600.00 as offered by other less feature filled providers).

  • This is a one month fully managed trial to show you how a fully managed CHAT SYSTEM can increase your leads and sales from your website!

    • Professional Live Staff answer questions,

    • Provide great engagement and satisfaction,

    • And gently but firmly press for appointments.

  • You will soon see why many manufacturers require their dealers to have agent initiated live web chat on their website.

  • Note – this is a stand alone service. It does not tie into Sales TextChat.

  • At the end of the trial period decide if it is worth keeping it at an extremely low price of $497.00/mo.


If you would like to learn more or have any questions about this white paper, call us now at 1 513 294-8767 or email us at davidw@carsalesspecialist.com and setup your one month trial before the special ends.

Thank you for your time!

David Elmer Wolfensperger

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