Want Local Exposure? Use Pokemon Go to Bring People to Your Store

Want more local exposure for your store and your brand?  

Ride the wave of Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go for Automotive Branding

Pokemon Go for Automotive Branding

One single dollar ($1 USD) for 30 minutes of Pokemon Go play on your lot will get you near free exposure to the local game world around you. 

I am not saying that you will sell many cars; but you may sell some.  

The main benefit to the store is more friendly exposure and friendly engagement with your community.

And I think your team will find it fun too.

Be sure to offer free WIFI on the lot.


P.S.:  Oh, BTW, did you know that you could, more or less, confiscate all the advertising for yourself on normal ad spots when people browse while using your WIFI? … Different story – Call or Text (1 513 294-8767) to find out more. 

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