TextChat Widgets

There are several types of TextChat Widgets:

  • Widgets for sites that you control
    • Header / Footer widgets
    • Scroll Widgets for every page on the site
      • Bottom Bar with an Image above
      • Vehicle Listing Pages
      • Vehicle Detail Pages
      • Bottom Bar only
      • Side Bar – left or right
  • Widgets for sites that you do NOT control
    • Sites that allow images with links
    • Sites that do not allow images, but do allow text links.
    • Sites that do not allow links, but do allow images

Widgets for sites that you control:

  • With all these widgets, no matter where they are or what their image looks like, a lite-box will open and gray out the site in the background.  To start the TextChat, the lite-box will ask for for your Name, Mobile Number, and your first question.  Try it and see for yourself.
    • We have an assortment of placement and image styles:
      • Header & Footer Examples – Check the header and footer on this page for an example.  Choose your own or one one of the styles we provide below:
        • Buttons-Type1 Buttons-Type2 Buttons-Type3 Buttons-Type4
      • Vehicle Listing Pages:  On Vehicle Listing Pages, each vehicle will have a TextChat widget – yours or one of the styles that we provide.  The great benefit to the dealer is that a variable pertaining to the specific vehicle will be passed to the dealer.
      • Vehicle Detail Pages:  On individual Vehicle Detail Pages, again each vehicle will have a TextChat Widget – again yours or one of the styles we provide.
      • Floating at Bottom of Screen – Check the bottom of the screen you are on.  It is a slim horizontal image designed not to interfere with the content.  Since we have a live chat widget on the side of this screen, we put it on the bottom.  By doing this both chat widgets appear on the screen.  Otherwise the bottom side widget will fall below the screen on smaller devices.
      • Floating on Side of Screen (left or right) – An example will look similar to the live chat you see on the right of this screen you are on.  It is a slim vertical image designed not to interfere with the content.

Widgets for Sites that you do NOT control:  For sites that you do not control (e.g.: AutoTrader, Facebook,Craigslist, forums, etc.).

  • Some 3rd party sites allow both images and links on the page.  In this case you can place a clickable link on the image or on a text link.  The link will take them to another page with a background image of your choice and also what appears to be a Lite-box with the TextChat optin that looks very similar to the lite-box on a controlled site.  Try it by clicking this text link.
  • Some 3rd party site do not allow links at all (like AutoTrader or Cars.com or Craigslist).  In this case you can use keywords to allow your customers to contact you.  For example:   Text CSS1 to 69696
    • The great thing in this situation is that you can have a different keyword for each vehicle based on its VIN.  And when the prospect texts in, they receive a text reply with a link to the exact Vehicle Detail Page thus giving them a good user experience.  It also informs you and your agents which vehicle they are interested in giving you a little bit more of an edge.  We have an automated process that will accomplish this based on a csv of your inventory.