TextChat Update Center

On this page we will try to keep you informed about updates to TextChat. These updates are coming quickly now.

6-17-2016  STC Updates:  We are almost there ladies and gentlemen.  We are in Beta mode testing the mobile wallet as digital business cards with GEO fencing, push notifications, and coupon offers.  All looks good.  Will let you know soon.

Digital Business Cards

NFC Digital Business Cards

1) Mobile Wallet Testing with Digital Business Cards – a no brainer 

  • Easy entry point for Customers:
    • Using an NFC card (a physical card for each agent)
      • just tap the card to the customers’ phones
    • Text “keyword” (i.e.: “CSS-TC”) to 69696
    • Scan QR Code with mobile device
  • Can be easily and instantly changed out for a mobile coupon or loyalty program.
  • Customer is protected by the dealership – digital cards can be changed to another agent.
  • Customer will always have the card in his mobile wallet – no misplaced or lost physical cards.
  • Great for Coupons – switch our digital business card for a coupon.
  • Allows for flash sales (time sensitive sales) to avoid physical coupons being presented during busy days or hours – great for end of month sales.
  • Can switch out digital business card for a loyalty card or coupon at any time.

2) Industry Summit Presentation of Mobile Wallet & Digital Business Card in Los Vegas on August 26-27?

3) Dealer Rater Survey: A customer will ignore your website for new cars but they will NOT ignore your website for used cars.

4) Suggestions for Dealers:

  • Use SMS Keywords in all your advertising.
  • Put keywords on all similar color t-shirts for sales consultants.
  • Use Inventory Chat on inventory syndication sites.
  • Use keywords in digital Search Advertising – all franchises are using Search Ads because they are subsidized by mfg.
  • Use Keywords in Non-Digital Advertising

5) % of dealers that use TV infomercials:  10 – 15% of Franchise dealers
                                                                     5% of Non-Franchise dealers
     % of dealers doing 30 second commercials:  25%

Dealers s/b using our keywords in the commercials -> because Keywords gauge the effectiveness of each time slot, ad, and/or creative.

     % of digital search advertising:  100% of Franchise dealers because they are subsidized by mfg.
          -causes cost of PPC keywords to go up
          -automated machines are registering clicks to get the click rate up

6) Beacons: For beacons to work with the wallet or app, beacons must be paired with a device in some way.  

  • Either they have installed a mobile app OR
  • they have accepted a coupon/digital business card into their mobile wallet.
  • HOWEVER, beacons can be paired with the new Google Chrome on the mobile device (there is also a Chrome for IOS) – more on that later.

7) NFC Card Design – test using image of store on card.


5-17-2016 STC Update

  1. Tools->Reputation Manager
    • Now with Two Alternative Processes:
      1. Normal Mode – Use link to Normal Survey page
      2. Easy Mode – Use link to 1 Easy Question Survey -> Would you Recommend?
        • if they click yes -> assume a 5 Star rating and take them directly to Google Places Review Page
        • Option to eliminate the Double Opt-In – On Rep Request the Feedback Setup Form (which should only be sent to customers that purchase a car from the dealer) – You can check to NOT send “YES” for Double Opt-in.
    • Automated Referral Request-check box – works in conjunction with Referral Center under Tools
    • New API for Review Builder – Dealers now have the ability to integrate STC into their systems to create additional automation.
  2. Tools -> Added a Referral tool – sends SMS
    • Referrals currently only attributable to Dealer
      • Attribution to Referral Agent with Logos coming soon
    • Notices of new Customer Referrals are sent to a dealer designated email to be worked.
    • New API for Referral System – Dealers now have the ability to integrate STC into their existing referral systems to create additional automation.
  3. Tools-> New Social Settings for Facebook Retargeting Pixel
  4. Coming Soon – Page Tracker & 360 Degrees imaging Integration with STC
    • An agent will be able to take pictures (using their phone camera) of the outside or inside of a car and the system will knit the images together to create a 360 degree video.
    • When a customer zooms into the video – this system will pass that information (about what customer was interested in) back to the agent in STC
  5. Estimote Beacons new developments:
    • new battery life up to 10 Years (Originally: 3-5 year batter life)
      • New Ones: Are configured to sense light and turn themselves off when it gets dark – Now with battery life of 7-10 years
    • Range: Original Max range: 100 meters (~328 feet) … New Max Range: 150 meters (~492 feet)?
  6. Dealer Webinars coming soon.
  7. Auto Close Chats from admin settings to save memory and increase speed.
  8. Browser Extension
    • Chrome – Now completed and in the Chrome Extension Store but not available to the public – need URL: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dms-live-chat-manager-ver/aiicilidkadhhcnjmaohhhilapcmldlh
    • Explorer Extension coming soon.
  9. MMS (Multi-Media – images and video) capability on Short Code in US and soon in UK and Canada? (delivery should be 100% with short code)
    • In the past we were reverting to a standard 10 digit long code number to deliver images and video.


4-15-2016 TextChat Update – Mobile Wallet: The Mobile Wallet technology is working; however the UI was not simple enough. It would have been a support nightmare. So we are starting from scratch on the UI (User Interface). It should not be long. In addition, we are going to set it up so that it could, as an option, be a digital business card for Sales Consultants. With this option, it becomes a way for the dealership to control its leads – When an employee leaves, his business card, with all his customer leads on it, can be immediately changed over to another employees business card. In this way you protect the leads you provide sales consultants.

4-15-2016 TextChat Update – WidgetResizeMoveUnlock: New Feature

4-15-2016 TextChat Update – ChromeBrowserExtension: New Feature


1-15-2016 TextChat Update – GEO Fence Mobile App ready.  

Push Center 1:37 Start Demo of TextChat App
Push Center 2:44 Sending an Instant Push Notification
Push Center 3:00 Message Center on app Users Phone
Push Center 3:14 Push Message itself on Phone
FencingCenter 4:50 Demo Fenced Messaging begin
FencingCenter 5:28 GEO Fencing Center
FencingCenter 6:04 Creating a GEO Fence