TextChat – Easy and Various Ways to Use

(This Page is a Work in Progress)

TextChat is an easy to use tool for Dealerships Sales or Service Departments.

Let’s take a look at the two:  Sales TextChat and Service TextChat.

Sales TextChat:

Depending on your dealership business structure, Sales TextChat can be used in various ways.  Some dealers Have a BDC which passes off leads to floor sales people to close.  Some dealers have a BDC which works internet leads from cradle to grave.  And some dealerships have the sales people as if they were their own small business; and leads are distributed to each sales person to work thereby eliminating the cost of a BDC.

Sales TextChat can accomodate any one of these business plans.

To understand how we accomplish, we need to see the various user interfaces and features of the system.

With the Main Dealer Dashboard, Sales TextChat can be used by the Store or Group Internet Department/BDC.

Dealer Dashboard

On the far left under the logo, you will see a section in blue where you can:
  1. Login as Agent to monitor the activities of each agent. Agents could be your BDC staff or Sales people.
  2. Manage Keywords
  3. Manage System Settings and SMS Presets
  4. Contact our support
  5. Watch Training videos to learn how the system works.
And across the top are various tabs from which to work.  Let's go over each of these tabs.
Dealer Chat Dashboard

In the Chat Dashboard tab you can see all  the active chats that you can participate in with a simple click.

In the center left you will see a blue oblong marker.  These are Text Chats going on - notice the phone number.

  • If this were green, it would be a live web chat on your website.
  • If it were red with a blue outline, then it would mean that a visitor was the last to respond to a text chat.
  • If it were red with a green outline, then it would mean that a visitor was the last to respond to a live web chat.


Moving to the right, the columns are self explaining.  Under the column entitled Transfer Chat, you can transfer the chat to various people as circumstances make it necessary - perhaps the internet manager, other internet sales people, or perhaps to floor sales people.

And in the last column, you can send the lead to your CRM

Down below and left you see a green box. This is where you can initiate a TextChat with someone by adding their mobile number and name (optional).

Dealer Chat History

Here is all the history of all the dealers chats put together - both dealer and agents. Most of the columns are self explainatory. The far right column, Action, is where you can edit the lead information, send it as a hot lead to a sales person, send it to the CRM, or delete it.

Dealer Agent Management Add and Delete unlimited agents.
Dealer Chat Management This is where you set your live support agent for your dealer dashboard. You also set agents up for Round Robin and manager alerts.
Dealer Customer Management This is where you can view and edit all your customer information. You can also make a lead a hot lead and send it to the appropriate persons email and cell number.
Dealer Reports This is where you can Search/Filter customer history records and export data. You, the dealer will be able to see what unit caught their attention from the VDPs and VLPs and what source they came from.
Chat Widget Builder This is where you go to set up the Chat Widgets. On a drop down menu from this tab you can select to setup: -> TextChat Widgets -> WebChat Widgets -> Download the PC EXE setup for use on agents PCs.
Tools Menu From here you have access to various tools as they come on board TextChat. Currently available are:
  • Reputation Manager
  • Staff Notifier
  • Inventory Chat
  • GEO Fence Mobile App
This just takes you back to the admin page.
The Agent Dashboard is similar to the Dealer Dashboard except that certain functionality is missing as not being necessary or appropriate for the agent.
The Mobile Dashboard and the PC EXE Dashboard are essentially identical.
The Mobile Dashboard and the PC EXE Dashboard are essentially identical.
Chrome Browser Extension: We found that many dealer agents/salespeople were unable to easily install PC EXE onto their PC. So to make it easier, we created a Browser Extension for Chrome. And soon we will have one for Windows Explorer.
Under Construction
Under Construction
We understand that many dealers want their salespeople to take initiate their own leads and business. So we created a way for them to add Sales TextChat to their own website. Dealers will find that code under TextChat Widgets. Just click the dropdown entitled "Dedicate Chat to Agent" and select the appropriate agent. Then, copy the code below and give it to the agent for his/her website installation. They will need to install this code above the closing body tag: