TCPA Compliance

TCPA Compliance

Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of One Of The Biggest Marketing Revolutions Of The 21st Century For Your Car Dealership Right Now?

Then You Need To Know About TCPA And How You Can Stay Compliant—And Avoid Expensive Fines And Litigation!


It Will:

  • Grow Your Business,
  • Engage Your Customer Base, And
  • Convert 22% Of People On Your Prospect List

BUT — You Need To Stay On The Side Of The Law.   

Recent FCC Declaration & Ruling – June 18, 2015

The world is constantly changing. One of the biggest changes in the past three decades has been the amazing rise of the smartphones — remember when car phones were a luxury?

Now smartphones fit snugly in our back pockets with a staggering amount of processing power—and more importantly, accessibility. Mobile marketing is growing—and one of the fastest growing sectors is text messages. With 98% of Americans set to have a smartphone by 2017, this trend isn’t going away and with the millennial generation coming of age to true purchasing power, the trend is set to be a powerful driving force for decades to come. After all, millennials grew up with digital toys and have an intuitive understanding of them that previous generations lack.

TCPAComplianceGuideChances are, if they’re on their phone in your dealership, they’re “showrooming”—checking out prices at other dealerships next to you—and using that knowledge to get the best deal.

What are they comparing?

  • Price Payments and Offers: 51%

  • Inventory: 29%

  • Vehicle or dealer reviews: 17%

  • Competitor Pricing: 25%

  • Competitor Inventory: 22%

If you’re not online and directly competing, your sale could disappear in a puff of smoke. Perhaps you’re already using email marketing and telephone marketing, but a quick look at some of the latest statistics reveal stark truths.

  • Emails: with average open rates standing between $0% & 20%, email is a fairly effective way to reach out. However, compared to text messages with open rates of 98%, and suddenly email doesn’t look so great after all.

  • Telephone calls: On average smartphones have 164.5 calls a month—whilst text messages soar high above this at 764. Both can achieve the same result, but the sheer ease of access and ubiquity of text messages make this an ideal engagement format

In short, text message marketing gives you the holy trinity that’s soon to be in everyone’s back pocket: accessibility, opening rates and speed. Throw these together and you’ve got the magic formula for mobile conversions.

But What About The TCPA—And What Do I Need To Know?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which regulates telemarketers, was updated in 2013 to protect consumers from unwanted text messages. Boiled down to basics, there are two things you must abide by when harnessing the power of text messages to grow your business:

  • No unsolicited commercial messages (phone calls and/or text) and an opt-out option

  • Written consent must be provided before sending telemarketing calls or text

In short, you must not let your team text customers from their personal devices—it could lead to issues legally. The burden of proof is on the dealership, rather than your associates. You need to be able to prove three things:

  1. Customers have given you written consent to be texted

  2. Transcripts of all text messages between your dealership and customers

  3. A clear opt-out policy that customers can utilize at any time they wish

Likely your associates aren’t considering this—and you need to invest time and money in training them—or find a software program that helps to manage this process painlessly; while also helping your dealership to use mobile-friendly text messaging to its full potential — capitalizing on the amazing opportunities that it offers your business.

Not only can a commercial solution offer you a fully-compliant program that doesn’t violate TCPA regulations, it will also help to improve customer relations and allow your agents to communicate with customers immediately—and get the sale.

What About Implementation?

There’s a right way to implement a TCPA-friendly text-based customer service strategy—and once again, most of it is based on common sense and “best business practices:

  1. Check your text number: send a text to your dealership number—does anything happen? If not, you’re missing countless opportunities to talk to potential customers.

  2. Decide what you want to do with texting: whether influencing mobile shoppers or quickly shouting out adverts, your goals will define how text helps you.

  3. Get an official texting solution controlled by your dealership: an official solution that follows TCPA regulations is the best way to move forward.

  4. Create your TCPA policies and stick with them: you may have your own policies in place for other communication methods: incorporate them legally into your software.

  5. Train your team: your system is only as good as the people using it—so train them.

  6. Plan your backup: your team can’t always be reached—consider outsourcing so your dealership can be reached 24/7.

  7. Market your text solutions heavily: if nobody knows about your new solution, nobody will use it! Ensure that it’s everywhere on your online and offline marketing.

4Couple-KeysThe most vital thing to remember when implementing your Text Marketing strategy is to ensure that it’s not all about you: it’s about aiding your customers in the best possible way, adding value to being in your mobile marketing strategy.


Consumers love choice and getting information—they might want to test drive a car at your dealership this evening while meeting at another dealership. The flexibility of text messaging allows you to get right back at them discreetly and quickly.


In this business, speed gets sales and increases goodwill. A fast, responsive sales team that responds to customer questions immediately also makes your dealership seem friendly and professional.


Phone calls and emails often involve some small talk, which not all customers like, preferring to “cut to the chase”. Your associates can cut to the meat of any questions quickly, drawing closer to the sales point.


Some customers like to be as anonymous as possible and especially hate being cornered at a dealership. The private anonymity that mobile communication through text gives them offers them a way to communicate with your dealership comfortably.

Cell-STCSales TextChat is the only dealership mobile texting software solution that currently allows for seamless two-way communication between a dealership and its customers that is also TCPA compliant and filled with features that just work. If you’re ready to make the next step to better sales and better customer relations, CLICK HERE NOW and discover this revolutionary new method of doing business!

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Happy Texting!