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Service TextChat
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How much time do your Service Writers spend trying to contact service customers – leave messages, miss their call back, no answer, etc..  Service Writers I know say they easily waste an hour and a half a day.  That means that service bays are being held up, time is wasted, and money is being lost.

Have you ever had a customer complain about a bill? …  Saying you told them something different?

Have you ever had a customer complain that they were not informed about a problem that had some serious repercussions later?

Service TextChat solves these issues and then some.  Now Service Writers can send a text and trust that it is delivered. Secondly, on incoming phone calls, if the prospect uses the chat button they can continue with what they are doing and not be stuck on a 5 minute call. Thirdly, have you ever had a customer say that the SA told them a different amount on a repair? Not any more … not with archived chat history. You can pull a chat out of the archive and show them where they were informed about the cost.  And Fourthly, if a customer comes back irate saying you never told them about a particular problem, you can refer them to the text.

But that is not the half of it.  With Service TextChat, your Service Writer/Advisers can send images that will graphically express a problem that needs to be taken care of much better than just words.  They can send them a picture of worn spark plugs indicating the need for a tune-up.  Or maybe they don’t believe you that they have a serious rust problem in the frame causing their car to handle badly.  Or perhaps you just need to upsell them an air filter.  And what if a customer just wants you to fix an air leak in a tire; but you suggest a new tire because of a whole in the sidewall that just can’t be fixed.  A picture says a thousand words.

Not to mention that Service TextChat is entirely TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliant.  You will never have to worry about SMS spam lawsuits. You are doing your due diligence.


Small Sampling of Dealerships Using

LB Smith Ford Lemoyne, PA
Lilliston Chryler Dodge Jeep Vineland, NJ
Garnet Ford West Chester, PA
Ace Ford Woodbury, NJ
Chapman Ford
Chapman Volkswagon
Philadelphia, PA
Chapman Ford
Chapman Mazda
Egg Harbor Twp., NJ
Ralph Thayer Automotive Livonia, MI
Holman Ford
Holman Lincoln
Turnersville, NJ
Holman Ford
Holman Lincoln
Maple Shade, NJ
Ford of Upland Upland, CA, US
Larson Ford Lakewood, NJ
Malouf Ford New Brunswick, NJ
Galpin Premier Collection Van Nuys, CA, US
Caruso Ford Long Beach, CA, US

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