QSA - Vehicle Replenishment

Quick Search Auto is a tool that helps you buy used inventory at trade-in prices.

QSA is an intelligence tool that identifies cars for sales by their owners at or near Edmunds (or NADA) Trade-in Prices.

As of right now, it search out sellers on Craigslist, AutoTrader, and Cars.com.  However, our developer is always making improvements.

Here are some of the things it will do for the wholesales vehicle buyer:

  • Eliminates high auction prices by eliminating competitive auction bidders
  • Eliminates auction fee
  • Provides an additional opportunity to sell a car
  • Eliminates competitive 1st party sellers.
  • It will save you from wasting your most valuable possession – your time.

You will know that you have cars on your lot above water, able to compete in the marketplace against dealers who have taken similar cars in trade.

Take a look: