Follow up and making contact with new buyer prospects is key to generating a high volume of sales traffic. Our BDC agents are pro’s at selling the appointment, delivering professionalism & consistency in the follow up of past, current and prospective customers.

Available for both Sales and Service departments, lead sources can include any mix of (but are not limited to):

  • Lease Renewals
  • Internet Leads
  • Past Customers
  • Secondary Leads
  • Direct Mail campaigns 
  • Unsold Showroom Traffic
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Service Bay Customers (CSI, Unsold RO work,etc.)
  • New Customer Purchases (referrals)

Every day, your dedicated BDC team will make contact with hundreds of potential customers, pre-screen the hot leads ready to buy now versus future opportunities, and assertively close for an appointment. We work out of your CRM and service scheduling system to ensure seamless integration with your dealership.

Small & Mid Sized Dealerships

  • Flat rate, all inclusive plans
  • No contracts
  • Short term sales events or monthly plans
  • 24 hour sign-n-dial
  • ​Any lead source, any volume

Large Dealership/Franshise

  • Flat rate, all inclusive plans
  • High volume dialing capacity
  • Manage multiple brands & rooftops
  • 12 hour p/day coverage
  • Instant response to new leads
  • Lead & CRM integration 


How does it work?

  • Customer list’s are exported from the dealers CRM or DMS system
  • Scripts are customized based on the list dialed – buy-back, lease, etc.
  • Appointments are entered in the dealer CRM or our dashboard
  • We manage all long term call-backs
  • ​8+ attempts to make contact
  • If needed, hot leads are transferred directly to the dealership

 Why Outsource your BDC to Dealer Force?

  • Over 2,500 completed campaigns
  • Over 5 million calls handled
  • U.S. based contact center
  • All digital predictive dialer system
  • Seasoned management staff with 40+ years combined call center experience
  • Flat rate, all inclusive pricing
  • ​24/48 Hour Sign-n-Dial
“This was the best money I have ever spent. Can you think of anything better than having people just coming in that are open to hearing what it cost to upgrade? I can’t! To spend money driving loss leaders is insane, these are quality customers driving our product with no strings attached just wanting to possibly upgrade. Thanks Dealer Force for helping us make our month!!!!”
​- GM, Harris Ford


How long does is take to get started?

24 to 48 hours. We start dialing & setting appointments immediately.

How do you charge for services?

We bill a flat rate fee per lead, all inclusive pricing model.

What if your asked about  price?

Our agents never promise pricing & if needed, can transfer live calls to the dealership.

Is my customer data secure?

Absolutely! Your customer data is never shared or allowed access by any one other than required personnel.

What phone # do you use for caller ID?

We order a local phone specific to the dealership for caller ID & return calls.

How do you answer the calls?

We answer with a dealer branded & approved script designed to sell the appointment.

Where do you get the list?

From your CRM, DMS and/or service database, any lead with a name and phone #.

What happens to DNC request?

Customers requesting that be placed on the DNC list are instantly processed be the agent.

Where do you enter the appointments?

Our dashboard, the dealer’s CRM or any web based calendar system.

What kind of reporting is included?

We provide detailed call reporting, summarizing call totals & individual result codes.

How many dials do you make daily?

Between 500 to 3k dials daily, with an average connect rate of 20%.

What if I’m a large dealer group?

We can handle any volume of calls, whether 5 or 100 locations. Call for a custom quote.

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