Mobile (Virtual) Wallets – Another Look

Mobile Wallets = Virtual Wallets

Another look at how They are being Used in Automotive Marketing

Talking about Mobile/Virtual WalletsJohn F. Possumato said in his article in

John Possumato is the concept designer and originator of our Automotive GEO Fence Marketing system.

John Possumato is the concept designer and originator of our Automotive GEO Fence Marketing system.


“What I’m talking about, quite simply, is the new, inexpensive and easy way to digitally market to people by sending messages to the virtual payment platforms (Apple Pay and Google Wallet) on their smartphones.”

He goes on to say that “while it’s rather difficult to get your dealership test-drive offer, loyalty card or even business card into your prospects’ physical wallets, it’s easier to send messages to their virtual wallets” – Apple Pay and/or Google Wallet on their smartphone.


This means that through smartphones’ wallet technology (Apple Pay and/or Google Wallet), we can do any of the following:

  • Send a specific message, coupon or special offer to them, any time, one that will be read and noticed because it will send an alert above their phone lock screen.
  • Send a general message, coupon or special offer to your entire Wallet database, again with a special alert message above the lock screen. It is not subjected to government texting restrictions because this technically isn’t a text message.
  • Set up a specific, geographic, GEO-fence net with a reach from 100 ft. (31 m) to a mile (1.6 km) from an exact target on the map you pinpoint; and then send a message, coupon, or special offer to all those prospects or customers who enter the specific GEO-fence. (It could be a competitor’s lot or a quick-oil change shop; you get the idea.)
  • Send a specific message, coupon or offer via a strategically placed beacon. Half the size of your palm, it’s an inexpensive weather-proof self-contained device that sends specific messages to prospects or customers, and can dynamically change that message, depending on how close the person is to the beacon source.
    • Want to send a special message about a particular vehicle to your customers, and change the message based on their distance from the unit? Try a beacon.
    • Or maybe there is a car show and you want to greet visitors with a special sale or coupon message as they walk into the event. Just place a person with a beacon at the door.

These things cannot be done with a phone call, an email, or a text.

Mobile wallets are stand alone – they don’t need a mobile app to work on your phone; though there are several good reasons to have a mobile app as well. While Mobile Wallets are currently not integrated with our TextChat platform at this time, I was just informed that such integration is coming. And, even so, there is always the ability to use TextChat keywords in your offers which gives the effect of integration with TextChat.

Let me clarify some Limitations to Mobile/Virtual Wallet:

  • Not being able to send feed information back to the BDC telling them that a prospect/customer has entered a geo-fence
  • A severe limitation in characters in the Push message notice above the lock screen (30 for Apple, 90 for Google).
    • This doesn’t leave that much space for a message, so we find it best to use a keyword with a short code as a call out -> such as: “Text XYZ to 69696 for Savings!”. So, for the moment, this is the way we are able to use TextChat with Mobile Wallet.
  • The big benefit to using mobile wallets over the mobile app is – it is much easier to get someone to download a coupon, loyalty card, free offer on their Apple or Google Wallet in their phone, than it is to get them to download (and keep) an app.
    • It would be the first step of trust on the way to getting them to use your mobile app. And, from a marketing perspective, you are much better off using a mobile wallet than nothing but an email or phone call from your CRM.

In these respects, our Mobile App is better:

  • With GEO-fencing in our Mobile App
    • There is no character limitation,
    • We can add links, other media, etc.
  • Marketing Intelligence notifying BDCs of prospects/customers passing through digital GEO fences surrounding other dealers lots and/or showrooms.

– all not possible with Mobile Wallets.

We see GEO fence marketing as a two step approach.

Let me give you an example:
Let’s say you have 15,000 people in your database with emails. Maybe 30% will download the Mobile App. In marketing to these people you have the most flexibility – rich media, GEO-fencing, beacon use, and marketing intelligence back to your BDC when targets pass a geo-fence, etc. Maybe another 40% will NOT download the app, but WILL download a Wallet coupon, discount, loyalty card, etc. which is still way better than just using email because you can still send messages with geo-fence targets, beacons, etc…just a bit more limiting. So with a combined approach, I can convert the majority of the database.

Now combining these tools with our TextChat system, we can make the contact between your BDC and the prospect or return customer even more interactive (Currently our app is a module within Sales TextChat; Wallet, as of this time, is not, but we are working on it).

I hope this helps to clarify the use of Mobile Wallet v. Mobile App.

AND none of this costs a lot of money.

Do you see why I am so excited about this new technology?  Can you imagine how this will help conversions and sales in your own dealership?

The GEO mobile app is ready right now.  Take that next step:

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