GEO Fence Marketing Strategies – the Welcome Message

I had an interesting conversation with the owner of a big franchise dealership – single location right across from a large multi-rooftop group. He does not take much time on the computer; but I found him to be very enlightened – intelligent, knows his customers, and quick in his reasoning and decision making.

His first feedback was that he thought that his customers would be annoyed by all the push notifications from all the dealers seeking their business using GEO fencing. Imagine, if you will, every dealership in the area sending push notifications to each shopper. That would definitely be annoying.

His 2nd thought hit more to the stopping point though. As big as he is (about 22 acres I believe), he is only a small speck compared to the big dealer group across the highway. He does not want to draw first blood. He said that he would be greatly annoyed if anyone interfered with his closing process. And he does not want to face the wrath of the big dealer group if they were to throw their weight into GEO fencing technology. He was just imagining all the push notifications and phone calls from each rooftop bugging his customers to death as his salesmen were working sales.

Such thinking could be very insightful.  And I appreciate his ethical and moral stance.

From a marketing perspective, let’s take our blinders OFF about GEO Fencing; and look at the larger picture where GEO fencing could be useful.  For this article we will just consider one.  Why not use GEO fence technology to give your audience a great experience.

Why not create a welcome message at your own store; or a welcome message at a Memorial Day parade or local baseball game… the sky is the limit.

GEO Fence AppGEO Fencing Vegas NADA:
Consider the promotion at NADA this past weekend.  Perhaps you experienced the campaign by Wards Auto to drive traffic to their booth. As described by TextChat founder, John F. Possumato:

[I]t worked out great. As soon as someone hit the Vegas airport they had a push notice welcoming them from Wards … At the convention entrance they had a reminder to stop by and say hello. … And when they left, this was the best part, a new message at the airport saying “safe travels from Wards” it was really a nice touch. A dealer can send anything, even community “nice” messages and smile emoticon. :)

Let’s open our minds to consider the possibilities.

I invite everyone to participate and brainstorm the incredible marketing opportunities available to us.

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Have a great and productive day.

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