GEO Beacon Conquest Advertising

Geo Beacon conquest advertising is here.  Consider the possibilities:

  • GEO_Advertising2Send a push notification to people in your DMA who are in the market for a car – people who are entering your competitors’ lots – areas that you have established a GEO fence around.
  • When they click on your ad and see your landing page, they are Re-targeted for you to advertise again and again to until you feel that they are now out of the market for a car.
  • Gather your DMA marketing base via a Beacon (similar to an iBeacon).  Only this beacon extends to a radius of 1000 feet.  This beacon is mobile; so you could hire a kid to go to a mall or travel around your DMA gathering everyone into your GEO marketing list with an initial irresistible & unbeatable offer – perhaps a free or half off Lube, Oil, & Filter.

Below is an article by John F. Possumato who was instrumental in the development of our Sales TextChat solution.

Capture, Conquest and Close