GEO Auto-Intenders Conquest Advertising

In advertising, we know that the more targeted the ad – the better results will be.  We also know that mobile viewers are more active and deliberate in their search.

What if we could target people in the market to buy a car?  We know they are in the market based upon their recent actions:

  1. They have physically entered automotive locations:  Car Dealer Lots, Auto Service Shops, Parts Stores, and the like.
  2. The have ordered and viewed a Carfax report.
  3. They own an older vehicle – 7 years old or more.

When they respond to your ad they are taken to a landing page where a re-targeting pixel is placed on their pc; and you can re-target them with additional ads until you feel that they are no longer a prime target to buy a vehicle.

This system does not utilize a beacon to capture a list of DMA leads.