Don’t Give Away Your Chat Leads

Below you will see part of Edmunds privacy policy for CARCODE SMS that is texted to a customer after they click through a link for more information:

 If you use the Dealer Inquiry and Communication Services to call, text or chat with a dealer, a recording of your conversation, or the chat or text communications, between you and the dealer, as well as the phone number from which you make such call or initiate such chat or text communications, will be made available both to us and any company employed by the dealers or us to implement, facilitate or monitor those communication services. When we receive that phone number, we may use it to obtain or associate additional information about you, and we may provide that additional information to that dealer and/or those other companies. In addition, that recording or that chat or text communications, that phone number and that additional information may be provided to the vehicle manufacturer who has granted a franchise agreement to that dealer (and/or its affiliated entities, agents and contractors).

You be the Judge:


Does CarCode SMS retain lead ownership rights?  

Does it retain the right to resell YOUR Text Chat leads?

HOT leads that are closer to the buying decision?

Edmunds NOT