Dealer Force will digitally capture and connect with local, hot leads and bring them into your dealership today!

With our proven, proprietary program designed to pinpoint exactly who’s in the market NOW, Dealer Force will instantly capture hundreds of motivated buyers and sellers in your market and bring them into your dealership.

​Generate floor traffic for the next 30 days using the Dealer Force ‘Capture Conquest’ program and increase your database, sell more cars and make more money today!

​How Does it Work?

Dealer Force captures local, hot leads in your community digitally who are ready to sell and trade their vehicles. These are the hottest and freshest leads in your local market, flltered by year, make and/or mileage.

Utilizing our state of the art call center, we make multiple attempts for a live connection with every lead. Scheduled appointments are instantly entered in our appointment dashboard or your CRM system.

You can be assured each lead is worked cradle-to-grave by highly trained phone pros, skilled at selling and closing the appointment.

Generate more traffic, fill your inventory levels and close more deals with the Capture Conquest plan, only available from Dealer Force.

Capture | Connect | Close


  • Leads are mined from the local market
  • Scraped from major, free classified sites
  • Leads are filtered by year, make & mileage
  • Full BDC support, appointment scheduling
  • Entered in the dealer CRM or our dashboard
  • 2-4-1 sales opportunity
  • Refill inventory levels with quality pre-owned

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