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“Thank you! As a result of your teams effort we are pleased to report we had a 22% increase in sales last month. With your team’s effort on our lease maturities, it truly set us apart from the competition last month. Thanks for making us number one for the year in new Honda sales in Cleveland… You should be proud.” GM, Jay Honda

Since 2010, Dealer Force has been providing leading dealerships & automotive groups across the country with offsite, professional call management services. Our U.S. based call center generates millions of dollars in additional revenues that otherwise would have been lost to ineffectual lead follow-up & call handling skills.

Business Development Critical Brochure

I talked to a dealer principal not long ago.  One of the concerns that she had was the cost of insurance and other benefits for new hires causing her to be unable or unwilling to add needed personnel. Now even the small independent can have a Business Development Center setting appointments driving leads to the lot – A dream come true for sales people. The dealer would benefit in the following ways:

  • Free up your Sales People allowing them to be more effective with what they are best at – closing car sales with personal face to face engagement. Increase sales activity, as well as Morale.
  • Less stress on your sales staff by eliminating a changing mindset from phone sales to lot sales with real UPs.
  • Have more people scheduled for appointments by phone operators experienced in turning calls into appointments.
  • Sell more calls from appointments
  • Scale your business to the next level – no problem for 120 experienced call center operators.
  • Low risk with a Small initial commitment of 1 month at no contract then 3, 6, or 12 month agreement.
  • More car sales for the dealership and for individual sales consultants.
    • Resulting in a more satisfied sales staff, upper management, and ownership.
  • Lower employment costs – Workers Comp, Unemployment, Social Security, Insurance and other employee benefits.
  • End result is more profit and a better ROI for the dealership.

There is More:

  • You save a huge investment in call center telephony software and hardware.
  • You never have to worry about people not showing up.
  • And you never have that revolving door of Training people…> they Leave …> then Train new people
  • And you eliminate the investment in real estate and building space to house the BDC.

This is all taken care of.  You just reap the rewards.  Give us that first month to show what we can do to increase sales …> Let us have your unsolds – what you consider lost already.  We will put them on a schedule to be contacted 8 times by professional appointment setters to bring them back to life for a sale. Fees are based on the number of leads the BDC works. Contact us, Call us, Text us, or Chat with us.  You will no doubt be happy that you did.


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