Automotive GEO Marketing with Mobile Apps

Automotive GEO Fence Marketing
with Mobile Apps, Wallets, & Beacons

Automotive GEO Fence Marketing using mobile apps with strategic push notifications, iBeacons, and mobile wallets.

Automotive GEO Fence Marketing

Push Notifications Targeted via Digital GEO Fencing

Automotive Mobile Apps have taken a huge step forward by targeting unlimited Push Notifications to prospects who cross digital GEO fences onto competitors’ car lots.  With a smaller radius, it can even target people who enter competitors’ showrooms.

 Sounds impressive, I guess; but what does it do?

  • Automotive GEO Fence Marketing allows your BDC/Internet Department to follow up with prospects when they are out shopping dealers for cars.
    • Dealers have always had the opportunity to follow up with prospects on their CRM; however, with this mobile app and Geo Fencing, the BDC will now know when their prospects are actually out shopping cars.
  • With this GEO Mobile App, you can send an immediate and compelling message to these prospects at the very moment that they are shopping for a vehicle with the intention of interrupting that purchasing process and redirecting their attention to your dealership.
  • With this GEO Mobile App, you are notified of this event; thereby allowing you to contact them with a phone call or TextChat optin request.
    • You see -> This GEO Mobile App is integrated into TextChat.
  • Oh, and by the way, there is a group module such that one BDC can work several rooftops.

Do you see the huge potential value here?

It would be your job to entice all your prospects to accept this GEO Mobile App one way or another.  Perhaps a very nice service offer such as a free oil change OR, as one dealer is doing, offering the first 4 oil changes for free along with a $5000 prize give away contest.  You know your market; you make the decision on the offer to accomplish this.

The next steps are Mobile Wallets (with rich media) and iBeacons.  Both will help fill your mobile app with leads.  Mobile Wallets help convert your CRM leads to the GEO Mobile App.  And iBeacons, which set their own fence at various ranges and work with the wallets, will help gather new leads.

Mobile wallets, like the GEO fence mobile app can set GEO fences and throw out Push Notifications with notices above the lock screen.  The difference is in the information that is returned to the dealer.  Mobile apps will inform the dealer when one of its users cross dealer set GEO fences; and allow the dealer to communicate.

All this (apps, wallets, and beacons) forming a very effective and informative GEO marketing system.

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For your convenience, here is the Intro video to Automotive GEO Marketing that was in the popup earlier.

Click Here To Watch Video

Here is a Demonstration video of the Automotive GEO Fence Mobile App.  To be transparent, I amended a product update video from the conception designers and main software developer to the founding partners.

Click Here To Watch Video

Push Center 1:37 Start Demo of TextChat App
Push Center 2:44 Sending an Instant Push Notification
Push Center 3:00 Message Center on app Users Phone
Push Center 3:14 Push Message itself on Phone
FencingCenter 4:50 Demo Fenced Messaging begin
FencingCenter 5:28 GEO Fencing Center
FencingCenter 6:04 Creating a GEO Fence

This mobile app is now live in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store; and the dealership is now using it for campaigns throughout their PMA.  for this reason we can no longer use it as a demo.  We will get another one up for demonstration soon.

To see a working Mobile App

Go to this link- (New demo app coming soon) – in the Google Play Store – it’s free.

Or search the Google Play Store for “(New App Coming Soon)”

New App Coming Soon

New App Coming Soon

TextChat mobile apps look like most great mobile app.  It is like many other apps, even better than most, in the way it appears and works on your phone.  It has great functionality and plenty of extra uses for the user. But behind the scenes, it is an incredible dealership profit maker that is acceptable to everyone – except the competition.

Because it helps users get the car and the service that they want.  The app sends offers and gets their attention at the time that they are most receptive – when they are out shopping for a car.

Stay tuned as we develop the Mobile Wallet and integrations with long distance iBeacons.  You will see updates here, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.  If you haven’t yet, please do the following:

GEO Fence App - Animated GIF