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Sales TextChatSTC is a 2-Way SMS texting solution that allows agents to communicate in a way that more than 50% of consumers prefer while the dealership maintains control of the prospect and meets FTC compliance laws. Dealer Mobile Solutions, along with, have launched an innovative new product called Sales TextChatTM  or STC for short.  It allows you to communicate with your customers and prospects via 2-way SMS  text message conversations (including MMS images and small videos).  The system is totally compliant with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) This Exclusive service allows dealers to send/receive text messages (SMS) with customers and prospects through the convenience of your desktop computer OR any mobile device that has internet access.  All chat sessions can be archived to your CRM platform. Have you ever noticed people texting around you.  There is a recent TV ad showing 2 girls texting each other with their father in-between as they sit together on a couch.  Well, our dealerships are experiencing more people texting them as they get closer to their buying decision – 1 out of 4 text chats result in a sale.  In essence, the preferred form of communication in this situation is to text – they are not quite ready for a voice conversation or a face to face conversation.  On the other hand, we see approximately 1 sale out of 10-12 web chats resulting in a sale – a dwindling statistic when compared to a survey performed only a few years ago by a leading chat service.  That is why it is so important to give people what they want as they get closer to making a car buying decision.  Having a Sales TextChat button on each listing on the VSLPs and on each VDP help people to the next step which is to finalize some answers and to schedule an appointment to test drive their more narrow vehicle selection choices.

Desktop CTAs:

Dealers put “Text Us” Call to Action buttons on their desktop site: Header and/or Footer CTAs:  by clicking a prospect will get a Popup allowing them to initiate a TextChat with the dealership – see real example below.



STC Widget – Call to Action Image



Vehicle Listing Pages:  Place CTA along side of each vehicle in the listings.


Vehicle Detail Pages:  Place CTA on each vehicle specific page.


Mobile Integration:

Sales TextChat can be integrated into your mobile site and your desktop site to generate powerful new leads and can also be integrated into your CRM platform to enhance communications related to service, sales, and even payment reminders.  See to the right for a sample screenshot of a STC call to action button on a dealer’s mobile website – both on the homepage and, unique to STC, also on the vehicle listing pages.


In2 In1
3rdPartyRedirect Digital Links on Third Party Sites: Digital Links can be placed on Third Party Sites, or anywhere that will support a digital link to the “optin page”.  Increasingly, prospects prefer to initiate a discussion by text as opposed to by chat.  This link will redirect the prospect to a TextChat Optin page allowing them to initiate a conversation with the dealer
Keyword Triggers:


Allow Prospects to Initiate Conversations from:
  • Third Part Sites where digital links are not permitted;
  • Print, Radio, & TV Media;
  • Sales Personnel Individual Marketing Efforts – e.g.: business cards, Craigslist ads, forums, etc.;
  • Your own website if preferred;
    • Vehicle Sales Offers
    • Parts Offers
    • Service Offers

TextKeywordToChat-wBevel-no border

Use TextChat keyword optin in all your marketing:  Including Print; Radio; TV; Social Media; Inventory Syndication platforms like AutoTrader,, CarGurus, Craigslist; and everything in-between where a digital link is not permitted or possible. With Keyword Triggers, aka Keyword CTAs, a prospect can initiate a text chat from anywhere.TextKeywordToChat-wBevel-no border2-229x64 By sending the keyword via text (aka:  opting in), the dealership is alerted by email, SMS text, PC EXE, and the dashboard. Or if Chat Management is set to an Agent, the individual agent or salesperson (set by schedule) can be notified by email, SMs text, voice, and/or by the PC EXE.  The SMS text alert delivers a link that allow your salespeople to go to the mobile dashboard to respond to the prospect.  In this way the system maintains TCPA* compliance. * TCPA = Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Choice of Widget Buttons:

Choose from 4 types or use your own custom buttons – including animated GIFs Buttons-Type2Buttons-Type3Buttons-Type4

Send Images & Video in your Communications:

SvcTC-PhoneDemo1-2STC is the only product on the market that will allow you to send pictures & video to your customers via MMS message! The STC web-based admin dashboard allows dealers to send/receive via the 69696 (US only) short code (Canadian and UK short codes in the works – other countries as needed and available) and to always export SMS chat conversations & user profile data to the CRM.

PC EXE Chat Notifications:

PC EXE Chat is an application that is installed on a Windows PC that works to notify sales people of an incoming text chat or web chat while they are busy performing their every day responsibilities at their desk. It is an additional notification system to the Sales and/or Service TextChat Dashboard, SMS Text Notifications on agent mobile phones, and email notifications.  It works with Windows 7 and 8.  Apologies, but at this time, it is not Mac compatible. PC EXE Chat is another fail safe to make sure your customer prospects are taken care of properly.  

Insta-Call Voice Notifications – for Better Quicker Followup: Make sure your leads are followed up more efficiently with Insta-Call Notification.  This innovation is fully integrated into the STC platform and immediately notifies a sales agent of a new incoming text lead via an automated voice call.  This feature will ensure that none of your dealership’s text leads fall through the cracks!
Track Visitors’ Website Movement: STC will track your visitors’ movements across your website pages with our Sales Web Chat system.  We have upped the ante by enabling live chat to be conducted on both a desktop and on a mobile device – all from your STC dashboard. …  Doubtful your current chat providers do this!
The Dashboard: SalesTextChatDashboard


TextChat Add-on Systems

Reputation Management Review System Built In: Out1Reputation Management Software is also available in your STC platform.  Easily send text message notifications to your current customers to ask them for a review of your dealership’s performance. This fully automated system helps protect the reputation of your dealership by only allowing good reviews (4 stars and above) to be published on Google while bad reviews are banned.  All bad reviews are sent to a specified email address allowing the dealership to ‘make it right’, while an automatic notification is sent to the customer assuring them that “someone from the dealership will reach out to them to help resolve their concerns”. You may want to pay a little extra to market those 5 Star Reviews everywhere your ideal customers are; but your system for getting reviews into Google, which can be a royal pain, is taken care of.
Staff Notifier System: This was added on at the request of one of our dealer clients.  They wanted an easy way to text back and forth with their staff.  The over 90% open rate within just a few minutes made TextChat the ideal platform – that plus full 2-Way texting of images and video.
Inventory Chat: With Inventory Chat and TextChat’s keyword feature, you can now generate keywords (based upon the stock number) for each unit of inventory and place those keywords in an image which can then be used on inventory syndication sites like AutoTrader,, CarGurus and many others.  Often, these 3rd party sites charge enormous fees for vehicle images.  Why not put this one image in for each vehicle.  In the alternative,  you could simply use the keyword in the vehicle description along with a text CTA (Call to Action) similar to:  Text CSS-12345 to 69696 for more information on this vehicle.  This suffices as an opt-in allowing you to text with this prospect.  It also serves to send the prospect an automated text with the link to the Vehicles Detail Page.  It therefore accomplishes 2 tasks:
  1. Gets you a valuable lead to text with
  2. It takes them to the VDP page on your website.
  3. If you have WebChat installed on your website, it give you a second opportunity to continue the conversation in a different way – a Live WebChat.
Landline Phone Number Porting of the SMS side: Have you ever wanted to say Call OR Text us at your main landline number.  Let’s say your main store number is 1 513 555-1212.  A Call to Action on all your marketing would be:  Call or Text 1 513 555-1212 The result would be:
  • A regular phone call would come to your store just as it always did.
  • A Text would pass through your TextChat installation accomplishing several things:
    • Keep you in compliance with FCC TCPA rules and regulations
    • Allow your BDC to handle the text
    • Control the lead for the dealership
    • Archive all TextChat communications

It is a simple Call to Action that goes a long way in marketing.

*** GEO Fence Marketing Mobile App ***

GEO Fence Marketing is our newest innovation to TextChat. This mobile app is the center piece to a much more broad marketing system.  While it is beyond the scope of this simple description, this mobile app will allow you to set GEO fences around all your competitors.  That being done, whenever someone who has opted into your mobile app crosses those fences several things happen:

  • Depending on the fence (and there could be many set at different distances), it will send out a push notification to your prospects’ or past customers’ (whatever the case may be) smartphone.  They will be notified of this event via a low tone or ding and a small notice will appear on their phone above the locked screen.
  • In addition, your BDC will be immediately notified of this even via email and/or SMS text message letting them know about this hot prospect.

Other parts of the GEO Marketing System include the use of long distance beacons and virtual mobile wallets (such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet) to do several things in themselves:

  • Capture new leads from your Primary Market Area
  • Engage and market to your whole database

It is a 2-tiered marketing approach.  Go to the Automotive GEO Fence Marketing Page for more information.

And let’s not forget the Group module. If you are an auto group, use the Group module to allow your one BDC to control all the TextChats, WebChats, Reputation Reviews system, and GEO Fence Marketing needs.

Small Sampling of Dealerships Using Sales TextChat

LB Smith Ford Lemoyne, PA
Lilliston Chryler Dodge Jeep Vineland, NJ
Garnet Ford West Chester, PA
Ace Ford Woodbury, NJ
Chapman Ford Chapman Volkswagon Philadelphia, PA
Chapman Ford Chapman Mazda Egg Harbor Twp., NJ
Ralph Thayer Automotive Livonia, MI
Holman Ford Holman Lincoln Turnersville, NJ
Holman Ford Holman Lincoln Maple Shade, NJ
Ford of Upland Upland, CA, US
Larson Ford Lakewood, NJ
Malouf Ford – sold vehicles off of TextChat in the first couple of weeks New Brunswick, NJ
Galpin Premier Collection – over 1000 units sales/mo. Van Nuys, CA, US
Caruso Ford Long Beach, CA, US

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