When it comes down to it, it’s not even really close.

At first glance, it seems counter-intuitive for a company to outsource highly-visible or important services. Once you look at all the things you must do to handle a service in-house (and keep it running continuously), it becomes more evident why many companies choose outsourcing versus operating a BDC service in-house.

With an in-house BDC, you’ll need to::
Locate a qualified employee
Train the employee
Pay employee wages and benefits
Provide the employee a physical workspace
Provide the required technology items (computer, phone, software, copier, fax machine, etc.)
Pay telecommunications costs (phone line, inbound toll-free calls)
Pay Internet service costs
Pay maintenance fees on equipment (IT support, software maintenance, repairs, etc.)

Services like inbound calls require continuous coverage and dedicated resources. This is required because responses are generated on a random basis by outside forces, rather than on an internal, controlled schedule. Services of this type would also require coverage during absences of the primary resource, such as:
Scheduled vacations
Unscheduled sick days
Unscheduled Family leave
Maternity leave

By outsourcing your BDC, your dealership only needs to:
Locate a reliable and high-quality vendor
Pay the vendor for the services provided

In addition to the direct cost savings, you’ll no longer have to worry about increasing cost of employee benefits, employee turnover and replacement, or locating and training backup coverage.

Better performance, lower cost, no stress!



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