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Do you want More UPs and Turns? CarSalesSpecialist introduces DealerLink and Auto Syndication - two new services that result in more sales and more customers into your Backend Service Funnel resulting in more turns. Both solutions offer Real Time Exclusive Leads.


DealerLink offers Real Time & Exclusive secondary leads. DealerLink leads have been voted the BEST automotive leads for three years running by 19000 car dealerships. DealerLink leads normally result in higher PVR; and, with the proper sales process and special finance sources in place, result in higher close rates. Car guys call these leads "lay downs" for their ease of closing. Currently DealerLink is only available for U.S. dealers. Please let us know if you are interested in DealerLink in your country.

Automotive Syndication:

Automotive Syndication is a revolutionary new inventory syndication system where we create your branded YouTube channel, Create Car Videos with voice overs, Create Vehicle Specific Landing Pages (VSLP aka: VDPs) all from your inventory datafeed. We then post the videos to your new channel and each VSLP. Then we syndicate your entire inventory (if desired) to the best high traffic sites on the internet. This combination produces hundreds of phone UPs (90%) and form submits (10%) and even more walk-ins for your sales team to help.

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