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More UPs & More Turns:

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Filtered Special Finance Leads Automotive Syndication - a video solution with syndication QuickSeachAuto - a Car Buying Solution that leaves you out of water and in the black. 27/7 Salesperson - Capture leads when you are not around.

Do you want More UPs and Turns? CarSalesSpecialist introduces Filtered Secondary Leads and Auto Syndication - two new services that result in more sales and more customers into your Backend Service Funnel resulting in more turns. Both solutions offer Real Time Exclusive Leads. But what happens when you start selling more cars? ... You need to buy more cars to sell; and that is a problem in and of itself, right? Going to auction is not the most pleasant experience when you have 100 other dealers bidding on the same cars you want. We have the solution in QuickSearchAuto

Filtered Secondary Leads:

Filtered Secondary Leads offered Real Time & Exclusively. We have a system of over 500 special finance lead sights with leads driven by Adwords and other PPC search ad platforms. These people are already searching for a car; and knowing that they had a financial problem in the past are making sure they qualify for financing before they go onto a car lot. They are normally higher PVR and easier closes because they know they need help with financing. These leads have been filtered to only provide you with the best converting leads.

Automotive Syndication:

Automotive Syndication is a revolutionary new inventory syndication system where we create your branded YouTube channel, Create Car Videos with voice overs, Create Vehicle Specific Landing Pages (VSLP aka: VDPs) all from your inventory datafeed. We then post the videos to your new channel and respective VSLP. Then we syndicate your entire inventory (if desired) to the best high traffic sites on the internet. This combination produces hundreds of phone UPs (90%) and form submits (10%) and even more walk-ins for your sales team to help, PLUS an unprecedented number of undocumented Walk-Ins


Quick Search Auto helps you fill your pre-owned inventory with cars at trade-in prices. Stop messing around with auctions. Save Save on Auction Fees and transport expenses. No more wasting time at auctions where you will likely be bid up to the point where you'll be underwater after the unit is ready for sale. Quick Search Auto leaves you above water and in the black

24/7 Salesperson aka Print or On Lot Lead Gen:

People come onto your lot at odd hours because they just want to look around. Some people want to check out the details of a car they saw in one or your print ads. Wouldn't it be nice capture those leads at the time they are showing interest. Our 24/7 Salesperson can do that for you in real time and, of course, exclusively. Then you can either meet them on the lot right then or follow up at a better time for both of you.

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